Thank you for your interest in joining the Impact Choir!  This page is here to help you better understand who we are and what we do.


This will be a bit long, so here is an outline of what you can expect:

1. Reason: Who are we? What do we do?

2. Cost and Requirements: What do you need to do to be involved?

3. Process: What does a typical Impact Weekend look like?

What Recommendations

do I need to apply?


-Your Pastor!

-Your Youth Leader!

-Your parents!

-Your Music Leader!


Include their e-mail addresses and phone numbers in your online registration form!

The AZ Impact Choir also exists to provide Christian teens an  opportunity to challenge themselves, to grow in their faith, and to strengthen their dedication to Christ; all while being in a fun, supportive, and encouraging environment. 
Because we are a faith-based youth choir, the application process has a place for you to tell us about your faith story. This is extremely important to us and our prayer is that choir members take their faith story seriously, too.


2. Cost and Requirements

The cost to join the choir is $125.  This covers music licenses, t-shirts, food, supplies, equipment, and other costs associated with this ministry.  

Complete the online application and mail out your first payment by
September 5th, 2019.

Early Bird cost is $125. After September 10th, cost is $135

(the fee can be made in three installments: $25 when you apply; $50 at the first Impact weekend, and the final $50 at the second Impact Weekend.)



To join the choir, we do have a few requirements:

1. Reason

The AZ impact Choir is a youth-based choir, open to Christian teenagers in grades 8 through 12. We do allow some 7th graders, if they have impeccable recommendations.  Also, if you have been in the choir prior to your 12th grade year, we allow you to join for a Super-Senior year. We have room for singers, musicians, and audio/video techs. If you have a special talent, and want to glorify God with it, we want to know about it!


Our mission is to make an "impact" for Christ in the churches we visit, and the people we come into contact with throughout our year- as well as in our daily lives. As Jesus instructed, we desire to make Christlike disciples in the nations. 


3. Process 

Our gatherings include core activities such as practice, group devotions, fun, and of course, leading the entire service at the churches we travel to.


We begin Friday at 7:00PM on 3-day weekends (October, January, February.) These weekends include extra time for connecting with each other, as well as more intensive practice time. Friday nights we stay at the host church, which involves sleeping on the floor. Many teens bring air mattresses to make this more comfortable. Saturday night, teens are housed with local church members and are encouraged to connect with these families while in their homes. Meals and snacks are provided by Impact Choir and the local church. We do our best to accommodate dietary needs, but also rely on the teens to monitor their respective allergies and sensitivities. 


We begin Saturday at Noon on 2-day weekends (November, March, April.) These weekends have abbreviated game/fun time and "refresher" practice time. Saturday night, teens are housed with local church members and are encouraged to connect with these families while in their homes.  Meals and snacks are provided by the local church. We ask churches to accommodate dietary needs, but also rely on the teens to monitor their respective allergies and sensitivities. 


On Sundays, we attend Sunday School with the local youth group, then lead the morning worship service. Following the service, we pack and load our sound equipment, then eat lunch provided by the local church. After cleanup- we then travel to a second church and lead an evening worship service. Following the service, we pack and load sound equipment, then eat dinner provided by the local church. After dinner and cleanup is completed, teens are dismissed for the weekend. This is generally around 7:30PM, but may vary from one weekend to the next.


We look forward to hearing from you, and are praying for you as you consider applying to be part of the AZ Impact Choir. Contact Eddie with any questions! Contact


When you apply– Fill the form out completely!

o You have an active and intentional relationship with Jesus Christ.  

o You can carry a tune, and practice the assigned music. (We don't ask that you are a finalist on American Idol!)

o You commit to attending every weekend. Our schedule is published in advance and is accessible on our website. We understand special circumstances, but joining is a commitment, and we expect you to honor that commitment.  Having a full choir is paramount to our ability to share our talents in a quality way, which enables us to serve Jesus with integrity. 

o You are able to get to and from our weekend locations. Choir members come from all over the state, so you may be able to get a ride with another choir member.

o You commit to abiding by our dress code and take responsibility for making sure your attire for the weekend is appropriate. We ask teens to dress with appropriate modesty during practice and fellowship times, and expect teens to wear dress-clothes during Sunday services.

o As part of the application process, we will contact your senior pastor, youth pastor, music leader, and parents to seek their recommendations on you joining the choir. When you apply, make sure you input these email address fully and correctly, as this could impact your admittance into the choir. It is also helpful to discuss the choir and application with each of these individuals, so that they are expecting and prepared for our contact. 

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